Reflection blog

In my initial blog post I said that I wanted to to explore more of m creative side and to improve my overall writing ability.  I feel like throughout this semester I have pretty much accomplished these goals considering that I have participated in several different activities and assignments that have pushed my creative and problem solving abilities. I have also written a substantial amount words throughout this semester which eventually leads to an overall improvement in my writing ability. l have also learned that big failures can lead to great success. Even though I feel that I have made progress throughout this semester I also feel that there is still much room for improvement. There are several aspects of this class that improved my overall writing ability. Among these were my several projects throughout the course of the semester. The two main projects that I am focusing on for my final writing portfolio are: the consumer essay, and the invention mob reflection. Both of these pieces of work are reflection essays. Being that both of them are reflection essays. I really enjoy writing reflection essays because they allow me to not only accomplish the task at hand, but they also allow me to further explore the assignment and master the material that is being covered. Even though this class is not a part of my major and the only reason that I took this class was because it is a UCORE requirement, I was able to focus on the several assignments throughout the semester because of the relative difficulty of my other classes since I took similar classes in high school. I also had the drive to become a better writer through this class since writing is not one of my strong suits. The reflection essays allowed me to focus on the rhetorical triangle and what was rhetoric. This fact alone helped me create better work.

Through out the entire semester we had to create several blog posts and narrowing them down to my favorite and least favorite is pretty hard. Overall, I saw the blog posts as an overall way to keep my writing skills in check and ready. The blog posts were homework assignments that allowed me to try and take little bits of my creative side, and transform them into a piece of decent homework.  I also liked the overall format of the blog posts as our homework. After the initial road bumps the blogs turned into an efficient and easy way to submit homework assignments. I would have to say that my favorite blog post throughout all of them would have to be the blog post that was my consumer essay reflection. I already mentioned earlier why I like reflection essay assignments and this one is no different. I liked this post the best because -one- I thought it was one of my best homework assignments, and -two- because it was a reflection essay that I enjoyed writing.  This reflection assignment allowed me to go over again what I was assigned and look at why I said what I said and how I completed and approached the assignment. Through this reflection, and in combination with the original assignment, I was able to see how I acted as a consumer, how the advertising industry acts towards consumer, and what I can do to change my consumer identity. The blog post that I would classify as my least favorite blog post would have to be the blog post about my second DIY homework. By this point in the year my mind was already pretty set on what I was going to do for my TED talk and my overall creativity was running dry. Also being that it was close to the end of a semester and next to a Chemistry exam, which plays a large part in my major, I was less than focused on the blog post assignment. The lack of creativity, focus, and effort is what lead to that poor and least favorite blog post.  I can describe the difference between my favorite blog post and my least favorite blog post in one word, enthusiasm. There was some enthusiasm present with my favorite blog and virtually none with y least favorite. If there is no enthusiasm present at all in any work that a person does, no matter the subject. There will be no good end product. Simply because no effort is given.

It is very hard to define a person and even harder to define yourself.  If I were to try and define myself, I would define my self as a very mechanical and technical person. Because of this I would say that in the whole scheme of writing I would be more of technical writer where I try to make my essay more organized and have them more structure. This is also why I had troubles when I was working with assignments that had open restrictions. I perform better under circumstances when I am giving a problem that needs to be solved through a certain set of constraints. As far as being an inventor I don’t really think of myself as an inventor because I still have trouble creating and inventing completely new and innovative things. I feel in a way that I could be a type inventor because I like and excel in the area of problem solving. Where I can invent a solution to a problem. I still don’t think I am much of a creator because my creative side is still fairly miniscule. Throughout this semester my creative side has grown a fair amount. Through assignments such as the invention mob and the TED talk I was forced to use my creative side and come up with innovative and new ideas and projects. The invention mob, for example, forced me and my group to create a project where we had to get a collaborative effort from the people around us and where the participants had to show us there creative side. We were able to accomplish this through a collaborative dance video in which people showed off there moves to the camera and we recorded them the put the video together by overlapping songs on top of their moves.The invention mob video turned out to be an overall success.

Through out the course of this class I have ben forced to tap into and increase my creative pool. This english 101 class was a very untraditional class and through this way I was able to grow and morph during this semester on my own terms and in my own way.


Annotated Bibliography

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The article that I looked up shows research data about how snowflakes and snow itself can be a very good insulator for sound. This can be a good thing and a very bad thing. This article is written with the notation that it is a good thing. It presents snow as “highly efficient sound absorbers.” This could be a bad thing because in the case of emergencies where people are buried underneath layers of snow it is impossible to find them through audible location.


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This article argues that the creation of a snowflake is an art. The flakes are individually different from each other and are an art form by themselves.  The main person in the article is Wilson Bentley. Wilson was the first person to develop an efficient way to photograph different snowflakes and their design.

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This article tells about the physics in skiing and how they affect the overall performance of skis and how snow behaves at certain conditions on a ski slope. The article mainly goes over the points on how  snow can reach its triple point while someone is skiing.  A triple point of a molecule or compound is the scenario, where the particles can be in all three states at the same time, without the urge to change states.

TED talk ideas

I still am not entirely sure on what I am going to do for my TED talk yet, but I do have a few ideas. I would like to maybe do something that revolves around my major  or with the sciences. I would like my TED talk to be informational, but not too bland or boring. I think I may want to do mine on the science of music and how it is perceived through our brain. Or perhaps on how music helps us study or affects our mood or concentration. There are several ideas and many different things that I can do and it is going to be difficult to narrow it down to one specific thing or idea to talk about. I think that ultimately I want to do my talk on something that has a connection with neuroscience. Something that pertains to the brain in any way shape or form. At the same time though I want to do a TED talk on something that has to do with where I live back home or something in that area. I might research a little bit and try and see if I could possibly do a TED talk on snow science and avalanches. This was a very sporadic blog post and was a way for me to brain storm of some ideas on what I may or may not be interested in for my TED talk.

My Homework Assignment

For my homework assignment I decided to analyze the TED talk done by Kevin Alloca on why videos go viral. Kevin works for youtube and analyzes and looks at what videos go viral and how they do it. During Kevin’s TED talk he uses several different modes of communication. This specific talk was designated towards a younger audience the talk was given through his direct speech and several charts and videos. The animations that he used were very popular and viral youtube videos. He used these videos to communicate to his audience through videos that most or all of them have heard of, or seen. He then followed these videos with graphs or charts on how the videos went viral. All of the videos he presented started out with virtually no views then something happened. The views per video shot up when a “tastemaker” gave a social shout out about the video. Tastemakers are famous people that promote trends, in this case videos. One example of this occurring that Kevin goes over is how the double rainbow video went from virtually no views to millions in a day just because Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about the video. He goes on to say how these tastemakers or groups of tastemakers jumpstart the viewing of the videos and how through this type of collaborative effort, fame can be achieved through anything by anyone.

Consumer Essay Reflection

The Consumer Essay was about our own consumer identity and what we can and need to do to change that. I used a lot of separate material in my essay then put them together in order to create the my consumer essay piece. Before using the different pieces I did a little bit of editing and instead of just throwing my previous works into an essay I created a draft or basic outline then found a way to gently mend the different components together. The pictures that I used had hardly any editing done them since I didm;t have high-end photo editing software, however I was able to touch up the images and make them look more presentable. The things that I used from my essays weren’t words, but rather specific concepts and ideas that were molded to fit the consumer essay, and to blend well with the other elements present in the essay.


The actual gatorade add on the left can be seen as very appealing and an overall good advertisement. The advertisement appeals to our ethical appeal or ethos. It does this by presenting us with the clear image of the gatorade logo. This logo does not only represent gatorade as a product, but also through all of the years of gatorade being a top brand, the logo gives the product credibility and reliability. Then we can move on to the pathos of the advertisement or the emotional appeal. The actual advertisement appeals to our desire to quench our thirst. When we are exercising it is essential to stay hydrated and we feel this need through thirst. The ad presents gatorade as a thirst quenching product and therefore we would want to purchase it. The third angle in the triangle of rhetoric is logos, or the appeal to reason and logic. The advertisement appeals to our sense of logic because it presents a clearing thirsty, sweating athlete drinking Gatorade. The other image is an parodic image that I took of my friend pretending to play an intense computer game. The reason why I took this was simple, many people, myself included, don’t drink Gatorade when they exercise they drink Gatorade when they are lounging around and need a flavored drink and not water. Furthermore I know people, again myself included, that only drink water when they exercise. Gatorade quite simply, tastes too good to be drank while exercising. Gatorade is filled with minerals and electrolytes that help to resupply your body after you sweat profusely for an extended period of time. Even though Gatorade contains all of these nutrients that you need it also contains sodium. Which in fact can make you even more thirsty. This causes a never ending cycle of thirst then quench which will leave you consuming more Gatorade than you imagined. My advertisement conveys how most of us truly consume Gatorade and how it tends to be misused. The new ad would appeal to the the newer crowd, which is the more leisurely consumer, which doesn’t drink Gatorade for the mineral replenishment, but rather for the thirst quenching abilities.