TED talk ideas

I still am not entirely sure on what I am going to do for my TED talk yet, but I do have a few ideas. I would like to maybe do something that revolves around my major  or with the sciences. I would like my TED talk to be informational, but not too bland or boring. I think I may want to do mine on the science of music and how it is perceived through our brain. Or perhaps on how music helps us study or affects our mood or concentration. There are several ideas and many different things that I can do and it is going to be difficult to narrow it down to one specific thing or idea to talk about. I think that ultimately I want to do my talk on something that has a connection with neuroscience. Something that pertains to the brain in any way shape or form. At the same time though I want to do a TED talk on something that has to do with where I live back home or something in that area. I might research a little bit and try and see if I could possibly do a TED talk on snow science and avalanches. This was a very sporadic blog post and was a way for me to brain storm of some ideas on what I may or may not be interested in for my TED talk.


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