My Homework Assignment

For my homework assignment I decided to analyze the TED talk done by Kevin Alloca on why videos go viral. Kevin works for youtube and analyzes and looks at what videos go viral and how they do it. During Kevin’s TED talk he uses several different modes of communication. This specific talk was designated towards a younger audience the talk was given through his direct speech and several charts and videos. The animations that he used were very popular and viral youtube videos. He used these videos to communicate to his audience through videos that most or all of them have heard of, or seen. He then followed these videos with graphs or charts on how the videos went viral. All of the videos he presented started out with virtually no views then something happened. The views per video shot up when a “tastemaker” gave a social shout out about the video. Tastemakers are famous people that promote trends, in this case videos. One example of this occurring that Kevin goes over is how the double rainbow video went from virtually no views to millions in a day just because Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about the video. He goes on to say how these tastemakers or groups of tastemakers jumpstart the viewing of the videos and how through this type of collaborative effort, fame can be achieved through anything by anyone.


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