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The actual gatorade add on the left can be seen as very appealing and an overall good advertisement. The advertisement appeals to our ethical appeal or ethos. It does this by presenting us with the clear image of the gatorade logo. This logo does not only represent gatorade as a product, but also through all of the years of gatorade being a top brand, the logo gives the product credibility and reliability. Then we can move on to the pathos of the advertisement or the emotional appeal. The actual advertisement appeals to our desire to quench our thirst. When we are exercising it is essential to stay hydrated and we feel this need through thirst. The ad presents gatorade as a thirst quenching product and therefore we would want to purchase it. The third angle in the triangle of rhetoric is logos, or the appeal to reason and logic. The advertisement appeals to our sense of logic because it presents a clearing thirsty, sweating athlete drinking Gatorade. The other image is an parodic image that I took of my friend pretending to play an intense computer game. The reason why I took this was simple, many people, myself included, don’t drink Gatorade when they exercise they drink Gatorade when they are lounging around and need a flavored drink and not water. Furthermore I know people, again myself included, that only drink water when they exercise. Gatorade quite simply, tastes too good to be drank while exercising. Gatorade is filled with minerals and electrolytes that help to resupply your body after you sweat profusely for an extended period of time. Even though Gatorade contains all of these nutrients that you need it also contains sodium. Which in fact can make you even more thirsty. This causes a never ending cycle of thirst then quench which will leave you consuming more Gatorade than you imagined. My advertisement conveys how most of us truly consume Gatorade and how it tends to be misused. The new ad would appeal to the the newer crowd, which is the more leisurely consumer, which doesn’t drink Gatorade for the mineral replenishment, but rather for the thirst quenching abilities.