Collective Consumerism

Collective consumerism can be separated into two main categories. The first physical consumption and mental consumption. I would put myself in a combination of both of these categories. The way I would categorize myself can occur on two separate occasions one would be through the consumption of physical products that I would use in the real world. Another would be digital or physical media where I would read or use and would mentally consume. Some forms of this type of consumption include reading news articles or other print sources. Through the physical consumption category I would label myself as an owner of things. I like to purchase and buy things for myself. I prefer to purchase things so that I outright own them that way I can use them whenever I want. However I am very open to the idea of collective consumption and sharing things that contain no physical worth to any of us. The idea of renting and sharing or collectively owning an object is extremely useful and efficient. I might need to change my consumerism identity to more of a collective owner, because it is much more cost efficient and puts all people that are part of the collective ownership at an advantage.